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Spot news from European Association of Urology EAU24 Congress

5-8 April 2024

Counseling high-risk stone formers:

Standard recommendations to avoid developing another stone are to:

  • increase your fluid intake and avoid dehydration;

  • moderate salt and animal protein intake;

  • ensure a good daily intake of fruit and vegetables, with a focus on lemons, limes, oranges and melons; and

  • ensure regular calcium intake with meals, either as dairy or as a calcium powder supplement.

In addition, to further reduce risk of recurrent stone formation, consider:

  • daily vitamin B6 supplementation; and

  • daily potassium citrate.

Spot urine biochemistry analysis tests are unreliable, and 12-hour (6pm-6am) urine chemistry is more reliable and convenient than 24-hour collections to look for an underlying biochemical abnormality causing recurrent kidney stones.


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