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How long is my appointment?

Will I have to pay for my appointment on the day?

Scheduled consultation times vary between Specialists. In general, a longer appointment is planned for a “New Patient” and a shorter appointment for a “Follow up” visit.

The cost of your clinic visit may be partly or fully covered by your medical insurance or ACC, and charged directly to your insurer or to ACC.


We are an affiliated provider for patients with Southern Cross Insurance and most consultations and procedures are charged directly to Southern Cross Insurance. The cost of your appointment is specified by agreement with the insurers. 

Please enquire costs from Riddiford Medical Specialists reception if you are self-funding or have partial insurance cover. Ballpark pricing for initial consultations and some procedures may be found on specific specialty pages of this website. 

If your insurer requires payment-and-claim-back, or if you are self-funding, you may pay for your appointment at the time and we will provide a receipt for you to submit to your insurance.

Do you accept credit cards and EFTPOS?

Can I receive a copy of my notes for my records?

Will my records appear on ManageMyHealth?

If I need an X-ray or a scan, or laboratory tests, will these be done on-site?

You may pay for your appointment with EFTPOS, Visa or Mastercard, using PayWave.

We can email you a copy of the letter from your consultation, which is sent to your referring doctor. Please provide an appropriate email address for you to receive medical correspondence

We do not currently have compatibility with ManageMyHealth directly, but your GP may release the correspondence from your consultation to you via ManageMyHealth.

We do not have laboratory or radiology facilities on site. Laboratory tests may be done at the SCL laboratory that is most convenient for you. Our nearest laboratory collection centres are Newtown Collection Centre at 74 Riddiford Street and Wellington Hospital Main Outpatients Collection Centre.

X-rays and scans may be performed through Pacific Radiology who run a comprehensive service and have several sites in the Wellington region. Ultrasound scans may be done on site by our Specialists, or requested through an independent provider. There are several private ultrasound providers in the Wellington region

I have not been vaccinated against Covid-19. Can I still be seen at Riddiford Medical?



However, we recognise that unvaccinated patients are at increased risk from COVID-19 and we will endeavour to arrange an appointment time outside of busy periods, to reduce your risk, if you request this. 

We can also offer you a telephone consultation or tele-medicine consultation in preference to a face-to-face consultation, if clinically appropriate.

Must I still wear a mask to my appointment?

No! Masks are no longer required in healthcare settings. 

However, if you have respiratory symptoms or think you may have COVID-19, please defer your appointment at Riddiford Medical Specialists and consult your General Practitioner.

If you have recently had a respiratory infection, we would be delighted if you choose to wear a mask to your appointment. And the same applies to accompanying persons.

How do I contact Riddiford Medical?

Email or ring us for enquiries:

          04 896 4510


Online Form

Fill out our online enquiry form
and we will be in touch.

How do I get there?

Public transport, bicycle or car, all are options. We have bicycle and car parking in the garage under our building. The garage can accommodate most disability vehicles. The elevator can accommodate a wheelchair.  More information is available on the Our Place | Riddiford Medical ( page.

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