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Breast Surgery

Breast Surgery is a subspecialty of General Surgery, dedicated to conditions affecting the breast. Although afflicting predominantly women, men may also suffer from breast disease. There are many different types of breast diseases. They include infections, cysts and growths, with or without pain. Some growths are benign, meaning not cancer, and some are malignant, which means they can spread.

The most common breast conditions are painful breasts, mastitis (inflammation of the breast), cysts, benign lumps and cancer. Breast cancer is one of the commonest causes of cancer death in women in New Zealand. Early diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer may achieve cure and may allow breast preservation. BreastScreen Aotearoa provides free mammograms and follow-up for asymptomatic women and referral to a specialist Breast Surgeon when indicated.

The standard fee for an initial Breast Surgery consultation is $276.

Please enquire if you require a more detailed estimate of costs.

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