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"Many ways to skin the Prostate"

A patient kindly brought this site page to my attention: Overview of treatments for Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH) - Prostate Matters

It's a reasonably comprehensive overview on current options for surgically managing BPH and bladder outlet obstruction, presenting some of the pros and cons of several procedural options, in easy-to-understand language.

There are a panoply of fashionable or once fashionable new-kids-on-the-block treatments, with enthusiasts and influencers. Some of what was "stellar" just a few years ago is now "out of favour". Dr Muir explains what each procedure attempts to achieve, and how it gets there.

I wouldn't bother with the links from this page that go to some unashamedly promotional YouTube presentations, but these don't detract from the content on this site-page itself.

For each of the novel techniques and technologies, TURP remains the gold standard reference point. TURP is now most widely performed with bipolar energy, achieving a 1-night hospital stay, and without the old restrictions on prostate size. Many of us have come back to bipolar TURP after experience with other techniques, for the vast majority of patients.

As Dr Muir concludes: "there may be an obvious choice"!


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