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Andrew Kennedy-Smith


Wellington Urology, Riddiford Director

I've been a full-time urologist in Wellington since 2002, in Private practice initially at Wakefield Hospital at since 2014 at Riddiford Medical, also working at Wellington Public Hospital with teaching commitments through Otago Medical School. Managing primarily adult urological patients, I have both a general and subspecialist practice. My subspecialist interests include laparoscopic surgery using a Robotic platform and using waterjet technology for all kidney and adrenal surgeries; reconstruction surgery; urinary incontinence and prolapse management; and kidney transplantation. My research interests include laparoscopic kidney tumour surgery using waterjet, and a novel technique of en bloc bladder tumour management, for bladder preservation and to reduce tumour recurrence.

I established and am a director of Riddiford Medical Specialists. I completed specialist urology training in New Zealand, with additional Fellowship training in Brisbane, in Cardiff and in Paris. I was born and grew up in Zimbabwe and had schooling and university in South Africa. I’m a father of two super daughters, a mountain biker, an orchardist and cider-maker, a woodworker, and an advocate for environmental sustainability. I am married to Rebecca Garland, an ENT surgeon at Riddiford Medical. I am an indirect shareholder in Wellington Regional Radiology Ltd, a part owner of Affinity Medical Imaging Ltd.

Andrew Kennedy-Smith
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