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Welcome to Riddiford Medical's New Website!

Updated: Mar 24, 2022

We've used lock-down and the COVID surge to get our new super usable and informative website up and running, ready for post-COVID normality. There's a heap of resources for patients, explaining procedures in detail, as well as how to find us and who we are. And for referrers, an update of who is at the Centre, and how to refer. We're growing. We've a great spread of specialties, surgical and medical, with ENT services our most recent addition. The site is new, it probably has a glitch or two, so leave us a comment and we'll know what to fix.

Thanks to Kate and Billie and Briar for all their work on the website.

The cycleway through Newtown is progressing and will shortly run past our door. If you're coming to us by bike, there is a bike stand under the building, out of the rain. There will soon be no on-street parking outside our Centre, but parking under the building is dedicated to patients, and there remains pre-arranged free parking for our patients in the Countdown supermarket car park.


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