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Dr. Ian Rosemergy MBChB FRACP


Ian is a consultant neurologist with an interest in epilepsy and neurophysiology. He completed his medical degree at Auckland University, graduating in 1999. Physician basic training was undertaken at Wellington and Hutt hospitals.

After moving to Copenhagen Denmark, Ian completed further neurology and neurophysiology training at the Copenhagen University teaching hospital. He then returned to New Zealand to complete further epilepsy and neurophysiology training in Auckland. Ian started as a consultant neurologist at Wellington hospital in January 2011

Patient Information

What is the cost of a neurology clinic appointment?

Neurology clinic appointment costs (including neurophysiology appointments) are a set standard charge based on the type of appointment that is scheduled. The fee payable will depend on whether you have private health insurance and the type of insurance cover that you have, or whether the visit is covered by ACC. Please contact the clinic to determine the total cost and the amount payable by you which will depend on the factors detailed above.

Written confirmation of costs is available upon request.

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