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What's happening? COVID+surgery update

Updated: May 22, 2022

Since last update of this blog, Covid case numbers in NZ continue declining and the disruptions in the health sector are fewer, as we come off the peak and staff and teams have recovered. Wellington has the highest rates of vaccination in the country, and all our staff and medical practitioners at RMS are triple vaccinated. None of our team have Covid at present, some of us have had it, have been through the isolation quarantine, and are well again. As per MOH advice, we're continuing to wear masks and use standard precautions, and use telemedicine for non-contact consultations when appropriate. All our face-to-face consultation and procedure clinics at RMS are scheduled, and all general anaesthetic surgeries through the hospitals are getting back to BAU. There is some backlog alas, particularly at the Public hospital, but overall we're more positive about being able to see patients and deliver treatments in a timely fashion. Hoorah!


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